Choosing your next read.

In the ‘Choosing your next read’ category we will be looking at a variety of different ways that you can get inspiration for your next read. From magazine and newspaper book reviews, to web pages specifically designed for this purpose, we are sure you won’t remain stuck for long. In fact we often find that the list of books we fancy borrowing takes us way over our limit with Bury Libraries! So you will be pleased to hear that you can create your own reading lists on your online account. Just follow the ‘Add to My Lists’ button above every book listing and you will never again have to scratch your head trying to remember a book’s details!

If you come across a title that looks great but find that Bury Libraries do not stock it you can contact your local library to see if it can be supplied by another authority (Inter Library Loan) or you could make a stock suggestion. Although we cannot purchase every book that is suggested it does help us to get a feel for what is popular.




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