Perfect Daughter by Amanda Prowse

untitledPerfect Daughter by Amanda Prowse. Recommended by Dawn (Reader Development Team and Library Supervisor.) 

Jacks loves her family. Sure, her teenage children can be stroppy, her husband a little lazy, and providing round-the-clock care for her Alzheimer’s-ridden mother is exhausting. She’s sacrificed a lot to provide a safe and loving home, but all she wants is for her children to have a brighter future than she did. So long as Martha, the eldest, gets into university and follows her dreams, all her sacrifice will have been worth something … won’t it?

 I really loved this book, it is a very simple idea, looking at a typical family where Jacks (the main character) spends her days running herself ragged looking after her family including her mother, who is suffering from dementia.  However, it carefully unravels secrets from the past, hidden yearnings and unfulfilled ambitions, and how these impact on others.  The family were all very believable and real and by the end of the book I felt I had come to know them all.  It is a beautiful book that stays with you and leaves you questioning what it actually is that brings you happiness.’ Dawn.



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