Meeting Alrene Hughes.

LIBRARIES NI Alrene Hughes event

We were very pleased to welcome local author Alrene Hughes to Unsworth Library on Tuesday 15th March. Alrene is originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland but has been based in Manchester for a number of years where she was a member of the Manchester Irish Writers Group. Also, Alrene was formerly an assistant head teacher at a school in the Bury area. She came to Unsworth Library to discuss her books from the Martha’s Girls series. She has just released the second in this series which is called ‘The Golden Sisters’. Alrene spoke about how she came to write these books, their background and what gave her inspiration. She also delivered a few readings from both of the books. Alrene spoke about how the Martha’s Girls series is based on stories from when her grandmother, her mother and her aunties lived in Belfast during the Second World War period. She has done plenty of research on her family history, and the stories from her mother and her aunties past gave her inspiration to write these novels. You could tell from the way Alrene spoke that she was so passionate about the books that she had written and writing in general. She also mentioned how she has always been compelled to write of the North of Ireland, and the stories inspired by her heritage.

Around twenty people attended the event and everyone seemed to really enjoy it and found the talk very interesting. Most of the people that attended had read both books and had a few questions for Alrene relating to the series. Alrene brought along signed copies of both Martha’s Girls and The Golden Sisters for people to buy if they wished to do so. Copies of both books are available to lend within the Bury Library Service.

Claire (Reader Development Team)

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Nic (Reader Development Team)


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