Bookwormz Book Review Competition.



The Bookwormz Book Review competition was held in memory of local author Hazel Townson and forms part of The Prestwich Book Festival 2016. Hazel was a children’s author who wrote many funny books for children; she loved reading and worked for many years as a children’s Librarian in and around Bury. The competition was organised by Prestwich Book Festival in partnership with Bury Library and Raring2Go!, and was open to all children aged 10-13 in Bury and the surrounding areas. Entrants had to write a review of between 100-400 words long on any sort of book.  There were two categories in the competition; 10-11 year olds and 12-13 year olds. We had one winner in each category, two runners up and three highly commended. First prize was a £30 book token and a certificate, Second prize was a £15 book token with a certificate and those who were awarded highly commended received a certificate. The competition was judged by local author Sherry Ashworth, Hazel Townson’s daughter Cath Atherden and Raring2Go editor Jayne Deakin.



This year was the competition’s third year running and we had around 150 entries. The awards ceremony for the competition was held at Bury Art Museum on Thursday 17th March 2016. Stephen Walton who is a local author and illustrator presented the awards on the evening.  Also, the three judges were present at the awards ceremony. They each gave a little speech and read the reviews that had been awarded a prize. The judges were very passionate about the book reviews and were very impressed with the quality. This award ceremony was organised by Bury Libraries and we hope you can see from the photographs what a warm and welcoming atmosphere we created for this great event.

Claire (Reader Development Team.)





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