A Clever Use Of Space.

Front Cover Appeal!

Every year publishers invest literally thousands of pounds commissioning amazing covers to attract as many readers – and sales – as possible. Here in Bury Libraries we also know the power of a fantastic front cover, and utilise this clever marketing ploy to the full by creating intriguing front facing displays. It can prove to be quite fun watching a new book display being browsed and quickly emptied, especially when it is made up of titles that have been hidden for some time on our shelves. A simple random theme such as colour, cover settings or even the first letter of an authors name – across all genres – can produce a great and effective display that gives prominence to a wide range of books.

A Front Facing Book Display.

Unfortunately, as it is the purpose of a Library to hold as wide and diverse stock as possible, space is often limited and we cannot display as many titles in this manner as we would like. Rising to overcome this challenge, at least two sites within Bury Libraries have hit upon the idea of producing 2D displays on notice boards – Brilliant!

The Front Covers Of New Titles Added To Our Stock.


All of the titles displayed are on the catalogue and available to be borrowed or reserved. The displays are utilising all of that front cover pulling power whilst taking up just a fraction of the space!


Everyone in Bury Libraries works really hard to produce fantastic displays that promote our services, stock and events. If you are visiting your local library and would like to highlight a display that you have enjoyed please take a photo and e mail it to us at: library.reader@bury.gov.uk.

Nic (Reader Development Team).



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