Kill Me Again by Rachel Abbott

kill me again jacketKill Me Again by Rachel Abbott. Recommended by Fiona (Reader Development Team and Whitefield Library).

“Not long after Maggie Taylor convinces her husband Duncan to move up to Manchester, her life changes dramatically. Through her work as a criminal lawyer she is assigned to a new client who, even after a professional lifetime of creepy miscreants, manages to make her feel very uncomfortable, so when she begins receiving threatening telephone calls, she initially blames him.  But having returned home one evening to find her husband missing and her children home alone, the world she thought she lived in is changed forever.  As her unease over her husband’s disappearance increases, she is less and less certain who is stalking her, or why.  And then there are the murders…so similar to a spate of crimes twelve years previously, and one of the victims looks very like Maggie.  What, if anything have they got to do with Duncan’s disappearance?  And why was he so keen to avoid the move up the Manchester in the first place?

This is a gripping read with a labyrinthine plot, and lots of cunningly short passages which make it harder to put down. It’s set in Manchester, and will keep you guessing right until the end, and perhaps even after you’ve put the book down for the last time.” Fiona.





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