Group Read Number 4

The Reader development Team are thrilled that the fourth group read has been selected by one of our members.

Charlotte would like us to read The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. When I asked Charlotte why she had chosen this book she said:

‘I have read  it a few times now, Waterstones had  it as their book of the week not long after it was published. The cover attracted me and as it  is set in Alaska and based on a Russian fairy tale, was interesting. I have made this choice, as it is a beautiful story, about a couple  that live in a beautiful part of the world and a way of life that only a select few could dream of living today in this fast paced modern world.’ Charlotte.



Jack and Mabel have staked everything on making a fresh start in the raw Alaskan wilderness. In a moment of tenderness, the pair build a snowman – or rather a snow girl – together. The next morning, all trace of her has disappeared. But Jack can’t shake the notion that he glimpsed a small figure running in the trees in the dawn light.

We would love you to read along with us. You can request a copy of the book by contacting Unsworth Library; they will then arrange for you to collect it from a Library that is most convenient for you.

Happy reading! We look forward to your comments.

The Reader Development Team


2 thoughts on “Group Read Number 4

  1. Well this was my second attempt at reading this book and once again it beat me! I seem to have a very set line when fantasy writing goes just too far for me, once this line is crossed all is lost and I stop reading. I’m sorry as I know a lot of people who have loved this book; don’t let my opinions put you off as any book is worth trying.


  2. Beautifully descriptive and touching tale of a childless couple whose lives take an unexpected twist after they decide to make a snow child in their Alaskan wilderness home. A retelling of a Russian folktale, the subject matter is moving and the language transports you to a wintry universe where anything might be possible.


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