Meeting Michael Knaggs


Over the last few months it has been Bury Libraries great pleasure to welcome a local novelist, Michael Knaggs, to several of our venues.

During these ‘Meet the Author’ events, Michael talks about his experiences as an author and his journey to becoming published. Michael’s style is very friendly and informal; we often find that our advertised event times over run, as the people who attend feel comfortable to ask loads of questions and have a chat! In many ways these sessions, hosted in a nice warm library, with tea, coffee and biscuits included are the perfect introduction to an author event.

Most recently Michael was invited to meet one of our many Reading Groups. Claire of the Reader Development Team organised the event and wrote the following account for our blog:

On Thursday 9th June, Bury Libraries welcomed local author Michael Knaggs to Prestwich Library. Michael is originally from Hull, East Yorkshire but now lives in the Prestwich area. He came to talk to Prestwich Library’s reading groups about the three novels he has written in the Hotel St Kilda series. The first book in the series is called ‘Catalyst’, the second is called ‘Heavens Door’ and the latest book which will be released later this month is called ‘Lost Souls’. The Hotel St Kilda series contains themes of crime, politics and the military with family drama at its heart. Michael also discussed how he came to write these books, where he got his ideas from and how to go about self publishing a book. He mentioned how he did not start writing his first book ‘Catalyst’ until he retired at the age of 61 and that it took him five years to complete the novel. He talked about his journey to getting his books published, finding an agent and all about his writing career so far. Michael sold signed copies of ‘Catalyst’ and ‘Heavens Door’ on the night. Copies of both books are also available to lend at Bury Libraries.

Claire (Reader Development Team)

As Claire mentions you can borrow Michael’s books from Bury Libraries:

Catalyst by Michael Knaggs.

This intriguing novel, the first of the ‘Hotel St Kilda’ books, contains themes of politics, crime and the military with family drama at its heart, creating a wide appeal for readers both young and old.

Heavens Door by Michael Knaggs.

A new government, who swept to power off the back of the public’s appetite for reform, start to assert their control. The new measures for addressing street crime include lifetime banishment for worst offenders, a popular development which receives widespread support, and which Tom Brown, the Home Secretary, decides to extend to cover other serious crimes. Although he meets strong opposition to this change, he steadfastly pushes it through. Then, at the zenith of his political achievement, and just when he seems reconciled with his family, his decision backfires. His private and political lives collide dramatically and Tom is faced with a devastating choice which, either way, will lead to personal tragedy.

 If you fancy attending one of the many author events organised by Bury Libraries please watch for advertisements in your local library; the local press; the library E-zine; Bury Libraries social media and the ‘News and Events’ page of the web site.

Nic (Library Reader Team)



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