The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling


The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling. recommended by Rehana (Bury Carers Reading group).

When Barry Fairweather dies expectantly in his early 40’s, the little town of Pagford is left in shock. The empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has ever seen. Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected revelations.

‘I actually really enjoyed The Casual Vacancy more than I thought I would considering some of the subject matters it dealt with. I thought it was really well written and was really impressed with her writing style, up until reading this I just thought of her as a children’s writer. It was a really interesting look into a cross section of society whose lifestyles and views ranged from one extreme to the other. it was a kind of modern day the good, the bad and the ugly, though the good died right at the beginning!’ Rehana.

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