Fantastic Fiction!


In our quest to introduce you new ways to find inspiration when deciding what to read next; I would like to draw your attention to a nifty web site called Fantastic Fiction.


The really brilliant feature of this site is that if you ‘browse by author’, or search for a specific author, you will find a biography, any new releases and then a list of every book that they have ever written. Titles are given in date order and also grouped into series. This is a fabulous resource because even though many novels can stand alone, some stories depend on – or are just better – being read in the order that they were written in.

Ever wonder what your favourite author reads? This web site will tell you what books they themselves recommend. I love this feature as I’m a bit nosey and find that I am often surprised by the choices that are made! But, in all seriousness, it has also guided me to try some new books that I probably would never have come across by myself.


The best thing to do is to have a good look around this great site and see how you are inspired.

Nic (Reader Development team).


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