Can you help to make your local library a Fun Palace in October?


Fun Palaces are a nationwide celebration of arts, science and community.

Can you help Bury Libraries create Fun Palaces across our Borough?


We would like to invite you to help create Fun Palaces in your local library, for your local community, during the weekend of 01st and 2nd of October.


Do you have a skill or passion that you would like to share? Are you creative, artistic, scientific or just plain enthusiastic? We would love your help.

Fun Palaces create events that bring together arts and sciences – but above all PEOPLE – to work together, create together, have FUN together. Bury Libraries have eleven venues open over that weekend and we would love every venue to become a Fun Palace that is supported by its local community.


You can contact us to talk through all the possible ways that you can be involved in this amazing event by either e mailing, leaving your contact details with your local library for the attention of The Reader Development team or by calling Fiona on 0161 253 7510.

We look forward to this being a fabulous showcase of Bury Libraries services and the communities that we support.

Nic (Reader Development Team)


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