Radcliffe Library Readers Group

The loyal members of Radcliffe Library Readers Group have been meeting on the 3rd Monday of every month for many years now. Over the years they have enjoyed some titles, loved some and quite frequently loathed some, there is generally a divide on opinion which makes for some interesting discussions.

The Bees by Laline Paull is probably the first title that received unanimous approval and was hailed as a fantastic read by several members. Admittedly one member was rather less enthusiastic than the others and a few were on holiday, but still I feel that we have achieved the impossible, 100% positive reviews for a book.
The Bees is the story of a worker bee Flora 717 and her survival of the totalitarian society that is her hive. Flora is extremely determined yet loyal bee and the story follows her journey as she works her way through society and faces terrible events.
Don’t let yourself be put off by the subject matter of this story, it’s exceptionally well told and well worth reading. If your readers group borrows Bury Library books there is a readers group set available for loan.

Sarah (Assistant Librarian)