Manchester Voices comes to Radcliffe

A Van Of Voices! The first blog from our new Archivist, Helen.

Bury Archives & Local History

On a sunny Saturday morning at the end of August, I travelled to Radcliffe Library to record the visit of the Manchester Voices project, this being the ‘umbrella’ term for a series of research projects investigating and celebrating the accents and dialects of Greater Manchester.

img_8866 Dr Rob Drummond (second right) and his team

Manchester Voices is the idea of Dr Rob Drummond and Dr Erin Carrie from the Department of Linguistics at Manchester Metropolitan University.  They aim to capture the different dialects of Greater Manchester by asking people questions about their different accents and dialects, and how they feel their accent shapes their sense of local identity.  Over two weeks Dr Drummond, Dr Carrie and their two MMU student assistants toured around the region in their splendid red van, enticing people aboard with the prospect of their voice being captured for posterity, as well as supporting academic research into understanding how…

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