The Less Than Perfect Legend Of Donna Creosote by Dan Micklethwaite

indexThe Less Than Perfect Legend Of Donna Creosote by Dan Micklethwaite. Recommended by Austen (Library Support Assistant).

The Less Than Perfect Legend of Donna Creosote‘ is a modern fairy tale from the inner city, where the mundane becomes fantastical and the everyday ethereal, but where living happily ever after is often easier read than done
“I thoroughly enjoyed Dan’s first book. The narration had me gripped from start to finish and I found the writing style incredibly easy to read and Donna’s story easy to follow.
After Dan visited Prestwich Library for a talk and read from his book, I was immediately engaged with the concept of his novel. Donna Crick-Oakley is an ordinary Yorkshire lass, who lives alone and is looking for excitement in life. Given her unfortunate luck with family and previous boyfriends, this introverted girl turns to books as a way to live her life.

The narrator allows us to explore with Donna and share all the stories that she engages with. Although Donna may seem alone, it is apparent that, thanks to literature, her life is anything but dull; you can’t help but feel engaged with her interesting life. The reader will learn that her stories are far more important to her than real people. The narrator carefully describes where Donna’s imagination takes her, but seems to be very brief about Donna’s personal life; we never know the name of Donna’s mother or father for example.
Dan’s first novel was completely different and entertaining. This kind of unique publication proves just how independent publishers are shaping the market and launching new and engaging literature. With this novel already being shortlisted for the “Not the Booker Prize”, I hope that this book is the first of many successful novels.” Austen


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