The Good Father by Noah Hawley

noah-hawley-2-books-set-collection-before-the-fall-the-good-father-brand-new-2-90843-pThe Good Father by Noah Hawley. Recommended by Denise (Bury Library customer and Bury Readers Group member).

“When Dr Paul Allen – Chief of Rheumatology at Columbia – sees a news bulletin of a political assassination his world is turned upside down. The accused assassin is his son from his first marriage, Daniel.

The story follows his physical and emotional journey into attempting to prove his son’s innocence. He approaches his quest using his diagnostic skills, only for them to be abandoned to soul searching, as he questions his role as errant parent and the part this has to play in his sons disaffected behaviour.

Granted there is at times perhaps too much historical detail of the assassinations, but it is an example of how Allen’s thought processes attempt to make sense of the situation, so forgivable in my eyes. A disturbing book but I thoroughly enjoyed it; primarily for all the questions that it raises regarding America’s gun laws and also the examination of how much, as a parent, our role plays in the emotional development of our offspring. At times discomforting but well worth investing the time in it’s themes.” Denise.

Than you so much Denise for your recommendation. If any of our other readers would like to recommend any of our stock please and contribute to the blog contact the Reader Development Team on


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