Back to the 1990s – Images from the Bury Times on Display

Why not visit Bury libraries Borough Archive for a trip down memory lane; first stop the 1990’s!

Bury Archives & Local History

Archives preservation is not just about caring for records from long ago! Yes it’s always exciting to handle photographs from a far distant era but it can be just as fascinating to study and preserve images from more recent times: The 1990s to be exact! Bury Archives invites you back to the decade which brought us Britpop, the first Harry Potter book and the rise of the World Wide Web!


Our new Display takes our visitors on a mini time-travel ride to the end of the last millennium with a stunning collection of beautiful glossy images all published in The Bury Times – just before digital replaced film for many newspapers. As a nation of happy-snappers we are constantly reminded to back-up our digital files and many archives are now preparing for the efficient transferring, storing and presenting of their ‘born-digital’ records.


Of course, digital files get corrupted and hard…

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