Fell by Jenn Ashworth

untitledFell by Jenn Ashworth. Recommended by Fiona – Whitefield Library and The Reader Development Team.

When Annette Clifford returns to her childhood home on the edge of Morecambe Bay, she despairs: the long-empty house is crumbling, undermined by two voracious sycamores. What she doesn’t realise is that she’s not alone: her arrival has woken the spirits of her parents, who anxiously watch over her, longing to make amends. Because as the past comes back to Jack and Netty, they begin to see the summer of 1963 clearly, when Netty was desperately ill and a stranger moved in. Charismatic, mercurial Timothy Richardson, with his seemingly miraculous powers of healing, who drew all their attention away from Annette. Now, they must try to draw another stranger towards her, one who can rescue her

“Set in Morecambe Bay, this is a haunting story of the return of a long-lost daughter to her familial home. It’s a little ramshackle, and being taken over by the enormous sycamores in the garden. The tale is told through the eyes of Annette’s parents, Jack and Netty, and flits between her present-day struggles with the house and the Morecambe of her 1960’s childhood, when her parents took in lodgers. One lodger, Tim Richardson, appears to have a gift for healing, and he is asked to move in and treat Netty, whose cancer seems beyond the help of either the doctors or her fey neighbour.

I loved the setting, and the recent history of Morecambe—and I learnt some fascinating facts about the bay itself too. It’s a very believable, thought-provoking story. It’s dark, a little unsettling and beautifully told. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”Fiona



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