Blue Peter Book Awards 2017


The popular children’s program Blue Peter announced the results its annual book awards this month. Working in collaboration with The Book Trust this is the seventeenth year that the program has highlighted achievements within children’s literature. Winners are selected by 400 children across twelve schools in the UK and there are two categories: Best Story Award and Best Book with Facts. We thought you would like to see what titles were included in the short list, who won in both categories and how your local library can help you to read them without having to buy them (just click on the links!) – a very important pocket money saving hack!

Best Story Award


Book Cover

Podkin One Ear by Kieran Larwood
Illustrated by David Wyatt

Podkin One-Ear is a legend: a fearsome warrior rabbit whose reputation for cunning and triumph in battle has travelled the ages. But how did he become such a mighty fighter? The answer may surprise you. When a travelling bard arrives at Thornwood Warren on Midwinter night, he is warmly welcomed. In return for food and lodging, he settles down to tell the tale of Podkin One-Ear – and soon the rabbits are enthralled to hear the story of how one lost little rabbit overcame the cruellest enemy imaginable, and became the greatest warrior their land has ever know

Parents desperate to share Tolkien with their children will enjoy the first instalment of what promises to be a rather epic rabbit saga.

Book Cover

Lost Tales by Adam and Lisa Murphy

Corpse Talk author Adam Murphy and colourist/co-creator Lisa Murphy have been delving into all four corners of the earth to bring you a collection of myths and legends.ll over the world, people have always loved stories. Stories that can teach us things, make us laugh, or make us cry. They become part of who we are and how we see the world. But some of those stories can become lost over time. Adam Murphy brings to life these amazing tales, beautifully adapted and illustrated.

Taken from a series in the Phoenix magazine, this is a collection of graphic folk tales that take you into worlds where a poor man is unable to stop himself giving ever-larger gifts to royalty, a wily farmer tricks his two sneaky neighbours, and a lonely Brazilian princess yearns for a friend.

Book Cover

Time Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford.

‘Time Travelling with a Hamster’ is a race-against-time story of a boy who travels back to 1984 to prevent a go-kart accident, and save his father’s life.

Best Book with Facts


Book Cover


Survivors: Extraordinary Tales From the Wild and Beyond by David Long

For as long as people have looked for adventure, some have also found danger… And here are the stories of survival, gloriously written by David Long and sublimely illustrated by Kerry Hyndman: from Juliane Koepcke, the 17-year-old girl who fell from the sky in Peru as the only survivor of a plane crash above the rainforest, to Aron Ralston, who cut off his own arm after being trapped by a fallen boulder in a canyon in Colorado USA (inspiring the movie 127 Hours).

An anthology to inspire and help children understand how far self-belief and guts took these adventurers, and to wonder how far these qualities could take them, too.

Now, at present Bury Libraries don’t stock this title but you could suggest it for purchase at your local library or online. We can’t make any guarantees but the more people who ask for it the better chance there is that it will go into stock.



Book Cover

Destination: Space by Dr Christopher Englert

Journey through our local solar system and learn about everything you encounter, including the history of our universe. Written by astrophysics professor Dr Christoph Englert and illustrated by Tom Clohosy Cole, this physics-made-fun title is packed with facts, and provides the perfect introduction to space.

Are you ready to go on the most exciting adventure in the universe? Hop on board and learn about everything from the birth of the universe as we know it, from the planets, gravity and the milky way to black holes, earth’s magnetic field, manned space exploration, and much more…

This slightly 1950s-style illustrated guide has a new subject on every double-page spread. Information is organised in bite-sized amounts and clearly displayed in boxes, leaving plenty of room for the illustrations


Book Cover

Football School: Where Football Explains the World by Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton

Learn about the world through football in this fun book packed with fascinating facts and terrific trivia. At Football School every lesson is about football – because football rules the world! In Biology, find out when footballers poo; in Geography, discover where the world’s best footballers come from; in English, learn which hats make a hat-trick and in Zoology, explore how goats score goals!


Nic (Reader Development Team)


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