Falling Angels by Tracy Chevalier

Book CoverFalling Angels by Tracy Chevalier. Recommended by Rosemary – A Bury Library customer and Reading Group member. (This recommendation was submitted as part of Bury Reader’s Group Secret Santa book swap.)

I have read 4 of the author’s books before this one: Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Last Runaway, Remarkable Creatures, The Lady and the Unicorn.

Each theme is based on a true event and the story weaved round this event. In fact, when I read Girl with a Pearl Earring, based on the painting by Vermeer, I believed it was a true story for quite a while!!!

Falling Angels centres on two young families who lives become intertwined, in particular the relationship between their daughters. The book is set during the rise of the suffragette movement at the turn of the 20th century. The mother of one of the girls was in an unhappy marriage and adopting an interest in the suffragettes’ cause gave her an escape from her problems. She became obsessed with the cause resulting in terrible personal tragedy for both families.

I have always enjoyed reading Tracy Chevalier novels and this did not disappoint. A real page turner. Rosemary

Do you like the sound of this book? You could make a stock suggestion; there are no guarantees but we do like to know what titles people would be interested in the library service purchasing.                          



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