The Food Of Love by Amanda Prowse

book cover

The Food Of Love by Amanda Prowse. Recommended by Dawn (The Reader Development Team and Library Supervisor).

“Another hard hitting book by Amanda Prowse.  She always tackles deep and important issues and this book is no exception, this time the subject is anorexia.  It looks at the illness and its effect on the whole family.  It is a truly tragic book that totally draws you in.  I really cared about all the characters and felt I was taking the journey with them and experiencing their frustrations.  You will definitely need your tissues for this one.” Dawn.


Pile of BooksThis recommendation is a little unusual; at the time of writing as we don’t actually have it in the library stock! But, did you know that you can make stock suggestions? Lets see if we can high light this popular author’s latest offering. We do have lots of other titles by Amanda Prowse, why not try something different and submit your own book review to We really would love hear your thoughts. Nic (RDTeam and Archives).


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