The Wife’s Tale by Lori Lansens

The Wife’s Tale by Lori LansensBook Cover. Recommended by Denise (A Bury Readers Group member).

On the eve of her wedding anniversary, Mary Gooch is waiting for her husband to come home, listening for his car along the dark, icy roads. As the night draws on, and he fails to appear, Mary reflects on the true nature of their marriage.

“Initially, starting this book I did have my doubts as to whether it was going to be a book about an obese woman who loses weight and all will be heaven on earth! However, thankfully I was wrong to think this was a quick fix to our protagonists existence and was undermining Lawson’s ability to make our obese ‘heroine’ into a woman one thoroughly admires by the end.

We join Mary Gooch on her physical and emotional journey in search of her errant husband who leaves her on the eve of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Leaving the confines of a life dominated by the contents of the ‘humming fridge’; Mary goes on an adventure that shakes off not just the weight but also sees her realise what a paralysed existence has done to her self-esteem.

Ultimately her husband’s departure is the impetus Mary needs to literally find herself beneath all of the excess flesh she is burdened with. On her travels she comes across various interesting characters and situations that hold the key to her personal freedom. As we reach the end of Mary’s tale whether she finds her husband and lives the ‘happily ever after’ becomes less important to the reader. In my case it was the joy of her self-discovery in finding a life not dominated by obesity. Mary finds much more than she loses! I loved it!” Denise.

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