Junior Bloggers – St Peter’s Primary School Bury


A rather cold morning in March saw the launch of our newest project ‘ Junior Bloggers’. Bury Libraries are working in partnership with the wonderful year 5 children from St Peter’s Primary School, Bury. As well as promoting libraries and the joy that can be found in books and reading; our new initiative also gathers junior book reviews and recommendations from the class for our blog. These photographs show the great fun that both Sarah – Assistant Librarian – and I had with this fabulous class of enthusiastic readers.

At this first visit to Bury Library every member of the class was asked choose a book to take away and review. Year 5 have their very own reading group membership card and everyone enjoyed using the self-issue machines as well as picking our library staff’s brains for inspiration. I must say that the highlight of the visit for me was when everyone had checked their books out and then, voluntarily, sat down quietly to read. Parents and teachers please take note of this library induced phenomena! One of the children was overheard saying ‘All these books, I’m spoiled for choice’ and another ‘I don’t want to go home’!

We didn’t want the visit to come to an end either but now the hard work starts. Each class member is going to read their book, draw a picture of the front cover and write a review; Sarah provided the group with a worksheet for inspiration. We will then meet back in Bury Library for a reader’s group where we will share our thoughts about the books and eat biscuits! This Junior Bloggers project is quite a new and exciting thing for Bury Libraries so we are going to invite some special guests from Bury Council and the school. All the children’s art work and reviews will be on display in Bury Library for parents, family and members of the public to view. The work will also be published on this website over the coming months, so, watch this space!

Nic (Reader Development Team)



5 thoughts on “Junior Bloggers – St Peter’s Primary School Bury

  1. What a brilliant idea and I wish you every success. I am very fortunate to have four grandchildren who all love reading but I do know that some need encouragement to realise the joy you get from reading for pleasure. Hope this project goes from strength to strength


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