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One of our junior library members, Areeba Malik, wanted a to find a way to share a story that she has written. At just eight years old Areeba – a pupil at St Luke’s Primary School in Bury – already has a love of writing and wants other children in the borough to be able to read her story: The Secret of The Mysterious Bottle. Areeba has written this in her own time, just for the enjoyment of writing; it isn’t even for home work!

Bury Libraries are more than happy to help towards Areeba’s dream coming true by adding the story to our blog. If you have a budding author in the family please keep an eye out for Bury Libraries’ upcoming writing competitions and events. Please feel free to share Areeba’s brilliant and imaginative story far and wide!

The secret of the mysterious bottle

Long, long ago, there was a warm but windy island covered with tulips, colourful, beautiful trees in the middle of the northern sea. On the island, there was a small attractive village where people used to laugh and have so much fun. Music was in the air, dancing was around, market stalls was open day and night and all the people live like a family. On the island, also was a humongous stoned brick castle who was the good benevolent king and queen’s castle who are kind-hearted as donating to charity. The king and queen had two lovely daughters Berry and Angela. Berry had golden brown hair, brown eyes, thin face and body and is sweetable like Vimto. Berry has two female bunnies Honey and Willow. Honey has ginger fur and Willow has black fur. They are both cute. Angela has red hair like blood, black eyes and has a thin face and body. Even though Angela’s lovely from the outside she is evil from inside her heart. Berry was the oldest. The king said when the king and queen died Berry will rightfully become the queen as she is the oldest. Angela has a fierce dragon called Drake Griffen. Attached to the island was a long narrow bridge leading to another island with a village and a castle on it where Berry and Angela’s best friend Abigail who was also a princess lived there.

One bright spring day, the royal family was woken up by the castle’s servant Caroline at 7 o’clock. At 7:30 the king and queen with their two lovely daughters came downstairs and sat comfortably on the table while breakfast was coming. After a while breakfast came pancakes with chocolate syrup.

“Ohh scrumptious daddy and mummy,” said Angela with perfectly confident.

“Yeah of course its yummy,” admitted the king in a loud voice. Without a sound the royal family ate their breakfast quickly as they could.

“Dad the king can me and Angela go to Abigail’s house with your permission it would be a pleasure if you say yes?” questioned Berry with fear if dad the king says no.

“Yes dear you can but you have to be careful with your sister crossing the bridge you know there are some creepy spiders crawling there,” replied the king.

“Yeah okay but do not say no daddy dad the king,” moaned Angela and off she went.

“Do not argue girls,” warned the queen. Positively trembling with excitement, Berry ran upstairs changed her clothes and ran back downstairs waiting for Angela. Just then Angela came rushing as if Berry was gone.

“Bye” screeched the girls so the king and queen can hear and know that they have left for Abigail’s house. By the time they had reached to the bridge Berry grabbed Angela’s hand and carefully but quickly crossed the bridge.

At last, they had reached to the island safely. As they were passing, everyone was in a fresh, happy mood as usual. Soon, Berry and Angela had reached to the castle and slowly they knocked on the door loud as a trumpet rolls it sound. The castle’s servant opened the door and lead the girls inside.

“Oh hi Flora how are you doing,” asked Berry kindly.

“Just fine didn’t go sleep all night had a terrible nightmare,” sighed Flora. Flora was the castle servant. She was nice.

“Poor you,” said Angela. Before long, the king came and greeted the girls.

“Welcome my dear’s want some Oreo’s?” wondered the king.

“No thanks,” the girls answered back with shyness. Abigail had a dad and two twin’s Mia and Lia who were younger than Abigail. Abigail’s mum had died when Abigail was 3 year’s old. Later, Abigail came at last with happiness.

“Hi girls!” laughed Abigail.

“Hello Abigail we were dying to meet you where have you been?” giggled the girls.

“Just roaming around,” said Abigail. Quickly Abigail took Berry and Angela to her room.

“Girls I’ve got something to tell you,” interrupted Abigail.

“Yeah tell us,” pleaded Angela.

“You know my father, he is also a sorcerer, I went to his room and tried this magic out and I accidentally made an enormous giant. I quickly put it in a bottle. I have been keeping this secret for months even from my father,” whispered Abigail with fright.

“What!” shrieked the girls.

“Yeah I know this is freaking out news but I am trusting you to tell nobody, even your parents, even my family,” begged Abigail. Quietly Abigail grabbed the bottle where the giant was and showed the girls. The bottle was royal blue with diamonds on it and a sign saying “Careful danger inside”.

“I am super afraid and I don’t want to open the bottle,” cried Angela.

“So what are you going to do with the bottle,” asked Berry.

“Well it’s late night now but I think we should throw the bottle in the sea,” said Abigail. Knock, knock. Abigail ran to the door, opened the door and was surprised to see her dad on the doorstep.

“Dad do you need anything we have been in our best behaviour,” wondered Abigail.

“Oh I have been just informed that Berry and Angela can have a sleepover in our house, so enjoy. Sleep well at 8:00 clock come for dinner as usual and be on your best behaviour,” muttered the king (Abigail’s father).

“Thank you father,” laughed Abigail.

“And thank you for telling what we should be doing,” said Berry. After when the doors closed the girls shrieked with full excitement. Then the door opened again.

“Can you be quiet as well,” demanded the king. The door shut close again with a bang.

“So should we do the work tomorrow right in the morning before breakfast?” mumbled Abigail.

“Okay,” said Berry. After dinner, the girls ran upstairs and talked to each other until at 10:00 clock the girls went to sleep. At 10:30 Angela crept quietly when everyone was asleep except from the king who will be writing in his diary. She knew this fact because Abigail told her. Angela went towards the king’s room and when she arrived in the room the king was shocked to see a small kid (Angela) who should be sleeping right now in the king’s room.

“What’s up is something bothering you tell don’t be afraid I am a nice old man,” sighed Abigail’s father.

“I have to tell you that your daughter is hiding an important secret from you she has used your magic and made a big fat giant but thankfully she fitted it in a bottle she has kept this secret from you within months I had to tell you because I am honest,” cried Angela.

“Thank you for being honest and telling me the truth I can’t believe that Abigail kept a huge secret from me like this I will have a word with her tomorrow, now of to bed dear it’s really late I will go to sleep now that I have done my job successfully,” said the king with embarrassment that another princess is telling him that his daughter kept a secret from the king. In the morning, Berry and Angela woke up first. Dad called Berry and Abigail downstairs.

“Good morning Abigail and Berry. Last night I have been informed by Angela that you have made an enormous giant and you have kept it in a bottle is this fact true,” said the king in a loud indignant voice. Abigail and Berry start trembling with fear.

“Yes dad this is true I didn’t want to tell you because I was scared,” cried Abigail.

“It’s okay now can you bring the bottle to me hopefully I can fix it,” said the king.

“Okay father,” replied Abigail. Abigail ran upstairs, went in her room and saw the bottle missing. Abigail went downstairs and told her dad.

“What,” shouted the king “the bottle is missing.” Suddenly, the castle servant Flora came running towards.

“Your majesty a big fat giant has destroyed half of the islands we need your help to fix this,” said Flora.

“What on earth is happening over here okay I will see what I can do,” said the king. Angela gave a crooked smile to Abigail, went towards and said “I am not your friend Berry is your friend now save the island’s ha ha.” Abigail went to Berry and whispered “What will we do now.”

“I don’t know but I am going upstairs to do something,” answered Berry. Berry went upstairs to the king’s sorcerer magic room, found the magic book and start finding the magic to transfer the giant in the bottle again. At last, she found the magic, went outside and spoke the magic words. The giant was back in the bottle again. Finally, the village was back to normal. Berry threw the bottle in the sea so they can never see it again.

“Hurray princess Berry saves the day, thank you,” screamed everyone. And they lived happily ever after.

The end

The message of this story is you should never break someone’s trust.

Author: Areeba Malik Aged 8 years



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