Before The Fall by Noah Hawley

Book CoverBefore The Fall by Noah Hawley. Recommended by Denise (A Bury Library member).

“As with his other novel ‘The Good Father’ Hawley presents the reader with the main story line very early in the book. In this case it is the coming down of a private aeroplane killing all but two of its passengers. It begins as a mystery of ‘Who done it?’ and ‘Why?’. All of the characters on board the fatal crash are fleshed out beautifully, taking the reader into both political and media worlds and how they operate – not always honestly! The main character, the survivor, is Scott Burroughs whose life is thrust into the limelight by not only surviving but heroically saving a small boy by swimming miles in turbulent water to save themselves.

It is by turn a political thriller, but, also an emotional rollercoaster ride to the very end. A book full of interesting and varied characters who operate in a world full of intrigue and often self-serving motivations. Hawley did not disappoint!” Denise

The elite have everything: money, cars, private jets and beautiful families. David Bateman and Ben Kipling are the top of the elite, both influential men with jobs in the media and finance, both travelling back to New York on a private jet after a vacation with their families, and both with secrets that could ruin their lives. Invited on a whim by David’s wife, Scott Burroughs, a middle-aged painter, finds himself on their plane – he needs to visit New York for a meeting that could spark a revival in his failed career. But sixteen minutes into its journey the plane crashes into the sea, Scott and the Bateman’s four-year-old son are the only survivors. With a little boy’s life in his hands Scott begins to swim – an epic journey to the coast.

Do you agree with Denise? Did you love this book too? Are you a fan of Noah Hawley? You can submit your comments below. If you would love to direct people to other books in our collection please send your recommendations to Nic at


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