The Lighthouse by Alison Moore

Lighthouse_(2012_novel)The Lighthouse by Alison Moore. Recommended by Fiona (Reader Development Team and Whitefield Library). ALSO reviewed by Bury Carers Reading Group.

“Futh sets off for a German walking holiday alone, and is reminded of a trip he took as a child with his father, just after his mother had left. Futh’s marriage has also broken down, and he has plenty to ruminate on, going around and around in circles over the events of his childhood and his marriage, while he walks his circular route. He is an awkward character, almost invisible and unremarkable in his interactions with a peculiar set of characters, whose places in the novel were unfathomable, at least to start with. The writing is so clear and sparse I could feel the clean, sunny, German air as I read, but the author also manages to focus on the minutiae of daily life; cleverly guiding you into a conclusion you will not be expecting.

I was very wary of this novel, worrying it would be depressing or worthy. It is quite a sad tale, in that none of the characters are particularly likeable and all the relationships are difficult and seem futile, but I would still recommend it. It’s not going to make you feel miserable (maybe because it’s hard to care about the characters, although they are fascinating), it’s beautifully written and very, very clever.” Fiona

indexBury Carers’ Reading Group

At our February meeting, the group discussed ‘The Lighthouse’ by Alison Moore.

Futh is on a walking holiday in Germany.  While he walks, he thinks about his past – his parents’ broken marriage and his own, and he remembers a similar trip with his father many years before.  In his pocket he carries an object very dear to him, which could have a surprising impact on his present.

Although only a few of us had finished the book, we had a very lively debate inspired by it – we talked about autism, perfume, uncomfortable relationships and the funny faces people pull when they have been affected by the characters or events in a book!

Our next meeting is at 10.30am on Wednesday 7th June, and we usually meet at Bury Carers’ Centre on Silver Street, Bury (we have been known to stray to a nearby tea room though, so if you’re planning to come along, please ring first to check!).

For more information please telephone the centre on 0161 763 4867





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