Richmal Crompton Library Display

Take a look at this brilliant new display in Bury Library.

Bury Archives & Local History

After recently installing a glass cabinet in the main library area at Bury (to be used for promotional material and reading displays), we thought it might be a good idea for one of our first displays to feature a local author! And it’s no surprise we unanimously decided upon Bury’s most famous writer, Richmal Crompton. Her Just William series have delighted millions of children through several decades and although those readers are now all grown up, we hope that the younger generation might swap their ‘Horrid Henry’s’ for an alternative ‘naughty boy’ story from a different era!

Photograph Display Photographs taken from 1990 Richmal Crompton Centenary Exhibition

Here are 10 facts surrounding Richmal Crompton’s life taken from various Local Studies sources:

  • Richmal Crompton was born on 15th November 1890 at number 519 Manchester Rd, Bury.
  •  The name Richmal is derived from the names Richard and Mary and has been in the family since the early 1700s.

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