Blind by Cath Weeks


Book cover and pirate hat!Radcliffe Library Readers’ Group have been enjoying getting involved and reviewing books for the Library readers BLOG. Blind by Cath Weeks was their March read, their reactions to the book were definitely mixed. Colin wore his pirate hat to the discussion, held at Radcliffe Library, he didn’t enjoy Blind at all and his most memorable statement was ‘…soap opera like’. The good news is that his hat isn’t a sign that he is sailing away from us! Here are some more thoughts from our group:


“A thought-provoking and moving book about expectations and actuality. Mainly about love, feeling it, showing it and feeling loved. It also challenges the concept of ‘perfection’ and the right we have to make decisions for others.”

“I found the constant use of ‘was sat’ as opposed to ‘was sitting’ (in the narrative) very annoying. Hurray for page 75. I’m afraid that for me this read like a self published first novel (I know some can be good!) Contrived plot, two-dimensional characters. I was shocked to read the authors note – 7th novel! Really?”

“Quite an intriguing idea but explored in an amateurish and superficial manner. Poor writing, thin on characters and sparse of believable plot. What could have been developed into an interesting dilemma/debate was drowned in sentiment and poorly constructed dialogue.”

“Thought this was a good book although slightly depressing in parts. However there was a little bit of mystery to this one.”

“Promising premise with some intrigue but was a little preposterous in places. Easy to read and kept the pages turning.”

“Unbelievable plot. An assault carried out on a baby by an eminent ocular surgeon who had to do the surgery in the home of the child’s estranged grandfather, who has kidnapped him. Totally plausible, Not!”

Our readers group meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30pm in Radcliffe Library, all welcome.

Sarah (Assistant Librarian).

We will be circulating this title around our groups for more feedback. If you have read this book and would like to share your opinions please use the comments box below.




4 thoughts on “Blind by Cath Weeks

  1. I empathised with the different emotions and motivations of Twyla and Dylan. Deeply suppressed childhood feelings affected both of them. Their dilemma— opting for experimental surgery for their blind baby with risks—- rang very true.
    The events in the latter part of the novel were somewhat implausible but inspired reading on. I did not find the outcome totally satisfying as sought a happy ending all round and resolution of Dylan’s devastating loss of trust in Twyla is left ” in the air” for the reader to imagine.
    Nevertheless ‘Blind’ was an interesting and thought provoking read.


    1. Thank you Joyce. Fresh on the heels of our groups meeting to discuss this title, I think we can certainly say that it prompted great discussion. Loved by some and hated by others, it certainly performed well by filling an hour with discussion!


  2. This book was not for me! The writing felt amateurish with grammatical mistakes, the characters two dimensional and stereotypical, the unrealistic names (“Twyla”). No real research done into police procedural work or how a visually impaired child would interact with his environment, the church represented as dark and creepy, With an implausible plot of major never-been-done-on-a-baby-before eye surgery being performed in a non-sterile environment, it’s riddled with sentimentality and poor dialogue between characters.


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