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Over the past eighteen months we have shared many book recommendations; all from booklovers and all from our libraries.

If you haven’t already explored our blog, please take a look now and get some inspiration for your next reading choice – you can browse the categories on the right hand side of the homepage, or do a keyword search for an author, a title, or even part of a…


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But we’re not content with leaving it there; Oh no!



image of a listWe love a good list and we get positively giddy over an interactive recommendation, so let us share two gems with you , to help grow your #TBR list over the coming weeks.




You may have heard of whichbook before.

Image for whichbook

Set up by Opening the Book, it has pre-selected lists of recommended reads under headings such as “Laugh your pants off” and “Terrible Beauty”, and it also has a set of sliders you can use to come up with your own list of reads from the site’s database.

whichbook slider


You can search on mood, emotion, plot shape, type of main character and country the books is set in, amongst other things.

When you’ve set the sliders you can view the full list chosen for you, or click “Find Similar”  if you don’t fancy any of the recommendations.  You can always reset the sliders to search again if you like.

You’ll get the option to click and buy via Amazon*, or to borrow from your local library.  In fact the site will even search our catalogue for the book, so that you can request it straight away if we have it.

Each title on whichbook has been read by one of a changing team of people from libraries and literature organisations.  “The ratings and comments are created by real readers who care about books.”


We already love whichbook but, totally new to us (and thanks again to Opening the Book for showing us the way!) is:


What Should I Read Next? (WSIRN) will give you a recommendation based on other users’ collective taste.  All you need to do is enter the details of the book or an author you like and click on the best match from the list that appears as you’re typing.

To get more focussed recommendations, you enter a few of your favourite books before clicking on the best match for your list, where you can also see the tags used to classify the different titles.  Each of these tags leads you onto another list of titles associated with that tag.books piles

Entering a few more titles helps to build the site’s database and will also give you more accurate recommendations, as the more often book titles are entered into different people’s lists, the stronger the association between different titles becomes.

If you want to take it even further, you can register (just with your email address; no password required, and no spamming either) and save books to your default “Books I Liked” list.  The site remembers the lists of its registered users, and you also have the option to create as many different lists as you like, for example “Books I Hated” or “Top Ten Cosy Crime Murders” which you can share with the WSIRN community. (Have a look at the site’s FAQ’s for more information.)

I have to admit that my not-so-inner book geek is getting very, very excited at the prospect of all this booklisting, and I have already registered and started feeding in my favourite books!

We really hope you like these sites, and have fun with some as yet undiscovered new friends over the summer.

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We’d love to hear your comments on these sites, so do let us know your thoughts.


Reader Development Team


*Interestingly, both of these sites receive a small percentage if you click through them to buy a book from Amazon.  All of the proceeds are put back into the development and upkeep of the sites.




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