Junior Bloggers’ Reviews Part 2

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Some more top book reviews from our Junior Bloggers. Have the summer holidays left you feeling a little bit bored yet? Why not give some of these books a read and see if you agree or disagree with our bloggers’ comments.


Make It Splash PICTURE by Anna ClaybourneMake It Splash review by Zola Amran: I enjoyed the book Make it Splash by Anna Claybourne because the book includes very creative ideas, also it has a lot of description.  The book made me want to read on and on. I chose the book because the front cover looks eye catching.  I would recommend it to year three and onwards.


Ghosts PICTURE by Christopher MaynardGHOST review by Liam L: I loved reading the GHOSTS book by Christopher Maynard because it has a story in it and I learnt more about ghosts and what you need to catch them.  I found it a little scary so I'll recommend it to age 8 or above. I read the TWICE and it was really entertaining.


Jessica's Ghost PICTUREJessica's Ghost review by Amira Ali: I enjoyed reading Jessica's Ghost because it is very exciting. My favroute character was Jessica because it is like she has got powers. This book made me feel happy because Jessica has a very warming friend ship. I would recommend this book to Y5 and upwards. I thought the front cover was very old looking. I read this book because of its title.


Book coverHistory Heroes review by Owen: I liked the book because it was about history and I like history.  When I read the book I felt exited I just wanted to read more and more.  I think if you are in Y5 and Y6 you probably could read the book and understand the meanings of the tricky words.  I don't like queen Mary the 1st because she was crual, unfair  and she executed people. I wanted to read the book because on the front it said History Heroes.  NO SPOILERS!!!


book coverGoalkeeper review by Phillip: I enjoyed reading goalkeeper (Clive Gifford) because I'm a defender so it's good to learn about different positions.  When I first looked at the book I thought good save. I would personally like to see more facts about some of the goalkeepers. I'd recommend it to Y4 up.


book coverLilly Alone review by Megan Buckley: I really liked Lily Alone from Jacqueline Wilson because it was interesting and really good.  I like Lily Alone because she helps her mum.




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