Summer Group Read (Number 7): The Fortunate Brother by Donna Morrissey

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The Fortunate Brother by Donna Morrissey is a dark, atmospheric and compelling novel about the aftermath of a murder in a claustrophobic rural community in Newfoundland. When a body is found in the lake, suspicion falls on the troubled Now family. As the mystery unfolds other, far deeper, secrets are revealed.

Compassionate and wise, beutiful and brutal, The Fortunate Brother is the story of a family and a community in turmoil and confirms Donna Morrissey’s place as one of Canada’s foremost storytellers.

HAPPY SUMMER READING! As usual please post your thoughts using the comments box below.


2 thoughts on “Summer Group Read (Number 7): The Fortunate Brother by Donna Morrissey

  1. Liked it but didn’t love it. I feel I would have fared better if I had read the previous two books. The story is a little too bleak and the first fourty or so pages take a lot of reading and dedication. BUT it is worth persevering, once committed and ‘tuned in’ to the style the writing is beautifully detailed. There is enough story there to hold the reader’s attention and I found myself wanting to know who the murderer was so this kept me reading. Not my normal read BUT I think it will do well in our reading groups as there is plenty there to discuss.


  2. Found this book a very slow read and hard to get into. It’s setting is very bleak and quite depressing. The dialect used took some time to get used to. Kyle Now is the ‘fortunate brother’ as he is alive but I found him to be quite an anxious and restless young man. Not surprising really when he has to cope with the death of his brother, an alcoholic father, a mother suffering from cancer and a sister who has moved away to leave him with all the family problems. On top of all that there is now a murder to contend with. Maybe, as suggested, it would have been ideal to read the first two books.


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