Junior Bloggers’ Reviews – Part 4

Ok, so we are in the last stretch of the long summer holidays and surely it must be time to get in a bit of reading practice before the start of the new school year. Take a look through this last batch of reviews from the children in Year 5, St peter’s Primary school, and see if anything suits.


Funimals Reading Challenge
Runs from 21st July to 9th September
Children can register in their library for free and get a collectors card. (Age limit 2-16 years)
Each time they read a book their collectors card is stamped with a date stamp and their progress is marked on their registration card.
When they have finished 6 books their registration card is marked as complete.
At the end of  the holidays (9th September)  all completed registration cards are put in a prize draw – drawn week beginning 11th September
Prizes : Amazon Fire Tablet
               Book tokens
hand drawn cover
The Eye Of Zoltar review
book cover
SuperCat Vs The party pooper review
book cover
Supercat vs the Pesky Pirate review
book cover
Snoopy review
book cover
Muhammad Ali The Champ review
book cover
Six Words And A Wish review
book cover
Rainbow Dashes Big Race review

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